I am a PhD student in Sociology and Social Policy at Harvard University. My work centers on the use of large datasets to study how (seemingly) non-economic factors shape the economic outcomes of people and places.  I am especially interested in local economic development—studying how cities and regions can promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth—and in the analysis of administrative datasets, many of which have been released to the public as a result of the “open data” movement.

Prior to my PhD, I completed a Master of City Planning degree at MIT in the area of Housing, Community, and Economic Development. There I worked primarily with Professor Albert Saiz at the MIT Urban Economics Lab. Before graduate school, I worked on fair lending regulation in the Financial Economics Practice of Charles River Associates. I studied economics at Swarthmore College. Many years ago I graduated from Century High School in Rochester, Minnesota.

I can be reached at labelgen.php, or on Twitter at @robertmanduca.