Migration Among US Metro Areas, 2004-2010

Wait ~10 seconds for visualization to load, then mouse over different cities to explore migration patterns

*To other US CBSAs

This map shows the movement of people between US population centers. Each circle represents a Core Based Statistical Area, the functional definition of a "city" in the United States. Circle size is proportional to population. For each pair of CBSAs, the number of incoming migrants is shown by the width of the blue line, while outgoing migrants are shown in yellow. By looking at the overall size of the link between two cities as well as the relative sizes of the blue and yellow lines, it is possible to grasp both the overall strength of the connection and the direction of flow.

Line width is proportional to the number of income tax exemptions moving between CBSAs. Circle size is proportional to 2010 population.

Migration data from the IRS. Population and CBSA geography data from the US Census Bureau.

Created by Robert Manduca with inspiration from Mike Bostock and Aaron Renn.