Here are links to my academic publications.

Manduca, Robert. 2018. “The Spatial Structure of US Metropolitan Employment: New Insights from LODES Data.” Working paper.

Central Business District coordinates for the 100 largest MSAs
Block to Business District crosswalks for the 100 largest MSAs
Business District coordinates and summary statistics for the 100 largest MSAs

Manduca, Robert. 2018. “Income Inequality and the Persistence of Racial Economic Disparities.” Sociological Science 5. 

Intermediate results
Replication package

Small, Mario, Robert Manduca, and William Johnston. 2018. “Ethnography, Neighborhood Effects, and the Rising Heterogeneity of Poor Neighborhoods.” City and Community.

Folch, David, Seth Spielman, and Robert Manduca. 2017. “Fast Food Data: Where User-Generated Content Works and Where it Does Not.” Geographical Analysis.

Chetty, Raj, David Grusky, Maximilian Hell, Nathan Hendren, Robert Manduca, and Jimmy Narang. 2017. “The Fading American Dream: Trends in Absolute Income Mobility Since 1940.” Science 356(6336):398-406.

Intermediate results
Replication package